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Posts published in “Religion”

The Pistol

The cold trigger curved around my finger….hammer cocked….a bullet anticipating a strike and thrust. The woods smelled of Fall, dry leaves crunched under my legs as I squatted down and leaned against a thick birch tree. I heard rustling sounds, imagining squirrels playfully darting back and forth, birds singing their last song of summer. In just another moment, it would all be silence. Read More (more ...)

Pain’s Voice

People who don’t “fit in” want to participate in life, but struggle with the acumen of required interpersonal skill. We don’t see our formative moments as adversity shapes and contradicts our natural responses. Pain must have a voice – I speak for those who identify with its existence and experience.

A great read for those who wish to understand and empathize and extend a gentle embrace of acceptance.… Read More

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Good – Write It Publicly. Bad – Say it Privately!

Immaturity comes in all ages. Immaturity is a lack of skills demonstrating low self esteem and inability to create healthy relationships with others. One sign of immaturity; … Read More

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