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Are We Able?

Our cousins from California have gone home, linens changed, the kitchen cleaned up. It’s been a week of stories, discussions, and porch talk extended for hours. We did something that is becoming more and more rare; we debated, deliberated, and exchanged ideas on what we believe, tossing our ideas, research, and experiences back and forth.

We did not agree on everything. We asked questions for clarification – not to win an argument. We sought to understand, be open to thoughts not previously considered, weighing evidence and facts with belief and faith. We hugged. We smiled and said, “I love you. I miss having these kind of conversations.”

It is rare to pull this off today. Too many are offended, agitated, reactionary, yet, “The effort to understand the universe is one of the very few things that lifts human life above the level of farce.” How deep are we willing to dig, how far will our questions stretch, and more important, will our relationships be stronger in the effort to love, embrace, accept?

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