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Here’s what a few folks have to say:


– My wife and I both were deeply moved, delighted and honored by your video. So beautifully done, with such real and genuinely valid emotion. Just beautiful.

~Mark H.

– I rarely take the time to read a book this quickly! Thanks for sharing your collection of thoughts and reflections.

~Adam S.

– I want to highly recommend this book by thee amazing and fascinating Stephen Philip Walrath. I love the essay format and insights! I often had to stop and reflect or reread. Thank you for sharing yourself with so many.

~Pat F.

– It took guts to write a book like this, my man! Not sure I could do it.

~Tim K.

– I love the use of multi-stimulation in the videos. By that I mean,the still images, the text images, the moving images, along with appropriate music to hit all senses. Very cleaver. Especially in this world of short attention span. This will be my first video book journey.

~Mark K.

– I am impressed that you can open up that much when you write. Keep on doing it. It works.

~Tom S.

– Very insightful! You made me examine my own conscience when it comes to the perspective of others. You have an amazing ability to express hurt and resolution.

~Phil R.

– A few nights ago I had a stressful evening. I checked the mail to which I found your book had arrived. I kept the silence and started to read. I found myself at peace. More journey’s to come I’m sure.

~Donald C.

– Some people are in denial when it comes to some of their beliefs being questioned. A simple “I don’t know” is a mental death sentence for them. Thanks for being honest.

~Micah M.

– You’ve got to keep writing. People get it.

~Gary K.

– The hurt, resentment, sadness, bitterness I read in your essays were very raw sentiments.  But then the others also showed emotion, just very different.  A reflection of the complex individuals we all are.

~Amy D.

– An impressive work!

~David E.

– This book has really inspired me to ask questions and evaluate who I am and what I want in my life. It’s so refreshing to see people be able to express their inner thoughts, fears, and feelings in an open and non-judgemental way. I experienced your book and movie chapters as you were telling me a story. A very personal story. Your story. Thank you for sharing your stories and for Thinking Out Loud – loud enough so we can all listen and hear your perspectives.

~Mark P-R.

– Credit goes to those in the arena. Steve’s book, like so many works, is courageous.

~Sue F.

– Steve’s seminars are captivating from start to finish, there is never a dull moment.  He can grab the attention of the audience in the first sentence and they are sitting on their seats to see what is coming next.  He involves the audience and his interaction is “real”.  He relates the issues he is speaking about to real life.

~Jennifer M.

– Steve often uses his very own life experiences combined with information relevant to the seminar, making the seminar more authentic explaining his own obstacles and success histories.  He is entertaining, using humor to illustrate his class.

~Lucy M.

– Attendees will walk away with confidence that they can and are capable of improving their performance in any field, any line of work.  Attendees will walk away with the knowledge that there are options to living life at a higher level and how to get what you need from your personal and professional relationships.

~Shannon O.