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Posts published in “Letters to my Grandkids”

Collection of letters to Steve’s Grandkids

Traditions: Remember to Remember

My best friend, Mark P-R, died last night.  You are reading this because of him.  You are being rejuvenated by this website because of him.  You are emotionally moved to tears from his videos created out of his imagination because of him.  Our 30 year collaboration was through our tradition we called “Cocktail Catchup.”

Traditions are real.  Traditions are important, maybe more important today than ever.  Daily distractions, the … Read More

Gaslight: The Invisible Evil

Gaslight.  I’m being Gaslighted.

Some words and phrases become so popular and used so frequently they begin to be used haphazardly and dangerously.  I’m being Bullied. I’m being Triggered.  And now we have Gaslight.  These words, rather than accurately describing a set of circumstances for better understanding, are now used as a weapon, thrown about willy-nilly without regard to the havoc that is caused by their … Read More

Love & Lies

“Love is how you become Real”

John Green – Turtles All The Way Down

Dear Grandchild,

What do you do when someone has told a lie about you?  This is one of the toughest questions and even tougher quandaries to solve as it WILL happen to you as has happened to everyone.  Your first flood of emotions will consist of anger, confusion, hurt, disbelief, but most of all, anger.  … Read More

Sophie’s Power

People are not that hard to figure out. Just observe what they create. Creation comes from within and you can only give what you have inside. This video illustrates the power that comes from determination and focus toward a positive outcome. If my granddaughter can do it – so can you! Enjoy and Share – From Grandpa Steve.… Read More

Your Walkabout

Dear Grandchild,

The Aboriginal people of Australia practice a rite of passage from adolescence to adulthood called a Walkabout.  In past generations, it entailed a journey of up to 1000 miles where the young boy travels alone, proving he can physically and mentally survive the harrowing dangers of the Outback to prove his bravery and value to society.  He must also use his time alone to reflect upon his … Read More