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Read To Your Heart’s Desire

Hello Grandchild!

You have just begun your journey since bursting into our world.  We haven’t been able to see you yet as the doctors want to be sure you’re eating well all on your own – not to worry, we’ll have you eating burgers, fries and cheese curds in no time.

I was sitting on my front porch reading – as you will often see when we begin our journey together.  Not knowing our allotted days, weeks or years of talking together, laughter and taking trips, I wanted to be sure you received my collection of books.  It’s not a massive gathering of the world’s knowledge, more a representation of what reading can bring to your life – expanding your world, prompting you to think about issues outside your current sphere of comfort blankets and stuffed animals.

Some may wonder why you ask so many questions – Keep asking!  Because reading can supply the facts and authority to speak with confidence about any subject – challenge beliefs and correct the course of one’s thinking. Someone once said looking at my books, “I don’t believe HALF of these!”  And my answer was, “Neither do I!  I don’t just read things I agree with.  There is no learning in that!  I read to understand different points of view, alternative explanations, expand my experiences and knowledge through the experiences and knowledge of others.”

No matter what you choose to read – read for reading’s sake.  These books cover history, biography, fiction, business, law, theology, psychology and more importantly, they represent different and sometimes opposing points of view.  That’s a good thing!  You never want to get caught up in your own head, narrowing your perception, unaware, or worse, ignoring all sides of an argument.  Be open to discovery – follow the facts no matter where they lead.

I had the privilege to personally know one author you’ll see on my bookshelf – Mark Helprin.  He and I started a correspondence that you will discover in my letters to him found in his books.  I had him autograph one special book each for your dad and your uncle.  Words are just words until they impact your heart and soul, which is when they become infinite and angelic as they whisper in your ear for years to come.  Mark Helprin’s books did that for me.  

Reading these books you’ll see highlights and markings and lots of notes.  These notes are what the book said to me.  It’s important now that the books speak to you.  Make your own notes, journal your own thoughts – they are just as valuable as anyone else’s in the world.  Let these books influence, guide, encourage and challenge your life.  Let them inspire your own creativity, sparking ideas that have always been a part of our universe,  only now enlightened with your own unique perspective and insight.

Enjoy your reading!

I love you, grandchild!  And always remember – you are never alone.

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