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Love Responds

Arrogance cannot coexist with love.

Disappointment, the black hole that swallows all joy.

Joy, contentment, and peace are absent your responses . . . replaced with name calling, labels and barbs of expectations unfulfilled in my human replies. The last two letters you used the terms “disappointed, liberal, liar, scoffer, false prophet, damnable heresies, hell bound, deceived, and gobbledygook.”

I came to you with an open heart, Read More

A Living Autopsy

“Autopsy: a postmortem examination to discover the cause of death, also used for research and education.”

I watch a television show called, “Autopsy: The Last Hours of . . . “. They take what would seem an obvious cause of death, peel back the medical examiners report of physical substances discovered in the body and reveal the real causes of why someone died. What would seem apparent Read More

Are We Able?

Our cousins from California have gone home, linens changed, the kitchen cleaned up. It’s been a week of stories, discussions, and porch talk extended for hours. We did something that is becoming more and more rare; Read More

Getting My Act Together

Watch the video of this chapter:

Getting My Act Together

“A warm breeze drifted across the dark porch as pungent cigar smoke curled up into the early evening.”

My oldest son and I were enjoying “guy time,” after dinner drinks and leisurely chit chat when he asked,

“Do you wish I’d get my act together, get married, have kids?” Read More