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Addicted To Our Weird Ideas

Leo Buscaglia said, “We are literally addicted to weird ideas, and we don’t now how to shake ourselves free of them.” The problem is a lack of awareness of who we really are and more importantly the potential of who we are capable of becoming. It begins with a lack of awareness, we are not self-constructed.

Since childhood, we have been told who we are, what to think, what to believe is true, how to view the world, who you should be with. This created our current self. Everything we see is through a filter of these constructs. We are addicted to them because they are comfortable, they make us feel safe, we are secure in our reality – the reality constructed by someone else.

It is uncomfortable and frightening when faced with a new thought, a different reality. I began to ask questions and write about those questions. It frightened some, offended others, and even created a response of being attacked!

My questions shook the reality of long-held constructs. I believed it was time to determine, through thoughtful examination, what was authentic and produced positive fruit in my life and lives around me. I asked an educated man some of my questions.

His response was shocking and unexpected. Next . . .

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