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A Living Autopsy

“Autopsy: a postmortem examination to discover the cause of death, also used for research and education.”

I watch a television show called, “Autopsy: The Last Hours of . . . “. They take what would seem an obvious cause of death, peel back the medical examiners report of physical substances discovered in the body and reveal the real causes of why someone died. What would seem apparent – heart attack, drug overdose, gun shot wound – turns out to be a series of life occurrences that, when tallied together, concluded with death.

After watching a dozen shows, I saw a pattern; the majority died because of pain relievers. The substance they wanted to take away their physical pain (Elizabeth Taylor) or emotional pain (Johnny Cash, ) or both (Elvis Presley) ended up killing them.

Masking pain, suppressing anger, avoiding the hard issues affecting our lives, these will kill (Elvis’ autopsy revealed his hair was actually pure white from all his stress and pain, masked by black hair dye). Rather than mask the pain, we need to identify its source, acknowledge its affects and move forward, some issues with acceptance and peace, others with a change in personal decisions. Waiting for an autopsy won’t help you today. Unmask the pain. Let it guide you to true healing

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