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Are you an oak tree or a telephone pole?

The oak tree grows year after year, taller and taller, ever expanding its branches and seedlings, providing greater shade and protection for all under its influence.

A telephone pole is stuck in a hole.It goes up, goes no further, and spends its existence without growth, expansion or life. It’s not alive. It’s just there, waiting to fall over or be replaced by another pole.

Step one to being an oak tree, answer this question; What have you learned this week? What have you learned about yourself, others, or this thing called life. A life of fulfillment will mean finding ways to Expand – Grow – Share . What have you learned this week?

Aware – Acknowledge-Move


  1. Great analogy, Steve. It really expresses the importance of change.

    Another thing to add to this; the oak tree starts out as a small sapling. That sapling may look to the telephone pole and think, “I wish I was that tall and strong!”

    So many people are saplings, looking up to ideals that are ultimately empty. When inside of them, they already have the potential to be more than they could imagine.

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