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The Innocent

“He has done nothing to hurt anyone.” Hearing those words about a pedophile and child molester made me want to throw up. I listened as…

Home Run Helmet

I was seven years old, hot summer day, standing at home plate during a summer baseball league. I was a good little athlete, stocky and strong. Before the pitch, the coach reminded me, “Always keep your helmet on.”

The pitch – my swing – a high strong fly far into the outfield.

Are We Able?

Our cousins from California have gone home, linens changed, the kitchen cleaned up. It’s been a week of stories, discussions, and porch talk extended for hours. We did something that is becoming more and more rare;

Stick or Move

It’s unpredictable what sticks and what moves. Most times, we won’t know. A quick word of encouragement or sharp jab of criticism have the ability to make or break a spirit.

We think our words and actions have little affect,

Time To Grow Up!

I am having repeated experiences with behaviors and attitudes that make me shake my head! Whether it’s online posts, asking simple questions, driving our highways, I wonder; what does it mean today to be mature?

Age has proven not to be an indicator. This week, I have observed mature actions from a 6 and 8 year old and what I believe are immature behaviors from

Ask Questions!

Ask Questions!

Ask yourself
“Why do I think the way I do?”

Every aspect of our lives have been influenced by echoes.