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Ask Questions!

Ask Questions!

Ask yourself
“Why do I think the way I do?”

Every aspect of our lives have been influenced by echoes. We ask questions to learn and grow our understanding of how these past echoes are silently influencing our decisions and feelings.

I have had a lifelong habit of asking questions that cut to the heart of relationships; friends, family, religion, and the most important relationship – with yourself.

At age 6 I asked, “Why is grandma so mean to grandpa?” My mom’s reply, “Thats a good question. You should go ask her that!”

At age 7 I asked, “If Jesus can walk on water, why did he need to get in a boat?” My dad’s reply, “Don’t ask such silly questions.”

At age 8. “Are there aliens in outer space?” My dad’s reply “No, otherwise the Bible would have mentioned it.”

I have had a lifelong passion for asking questions that dig deeper, creating an imperative to search for a genuine answer, not easily dismissed as insignificant or shallow.

At age 26, going to counseling for marriage difficulties, I asked, “Why do I think the way I do? Why do I act the way I act? Why do I make unhealthy decisions that hurt others? Why do I feel out of sync with the world around me?” (I then wrote my first book; UnCommon Sense for Unreasonable Times)

At age 30, after taking over my first radio station, talking to my new staff, I asked, “What do you want to build with this company? Who do we want to be as a radio station in this community? What will motivate our employees to work for a higher goal than just a paycheck? How can we fulfill our customer’s desires with a 1000 watt AM radio station?” (I then wrote book #2; Cultivating a Winner from Within)

At age 35, after a tumultuous divorce and being denied seeing my kids, I asked ” What do I have to live for if I can never see my children again? Why can’t I be a good father just because I’m not a good husband? Why don’t the courts support both parents rights to see their kids? (I wrote book #3; A Divorced Parent’s Guide to Seeing Your Kids; what judges, attorneys, and your ex haven’t told you)

At Age 46, after listening to a friend describe all her church activities, I asked, “What are you avoiding by being so busy?” Another friend, not knowing some details about his partner’s past life said, “I had no idea about any of that. How did you know?” My reply, “I asked.”

At age 55, sitting on the couch, Dec 13th, watching a Christmas program, I asked, “When were the Gospels written? And who wrote them? Why just these four books?” I continued, in the months to follow, to ask self-examination questions. “Why are my personal relationships so difficult and unsuccessful? How can I now build a strong connection with my adult children? What is true about my beliefs?” (I wrote; Thinking Out Loud; Uncovering an Extraordinary Life)

Asking questions raises the awareness of echoes.

Asking questions, connects echoes from the past and acknowledges their influences today.

Asking questions creates a thoughtful, authentic path to move forward with healthier choices, more fulfilling outcomes.

Everyone can learn to ask questions if you wish for a deeper relationship with your spouse, your children, your friendships.

Everyone should ask questions of their faith beliefs, government, and educational systems for credibility, authenticity, and positive productivity.

Everyone has the responsibility to address the tough questions of, “Why and why not?” for their personal value and worth.

What questions will you ask today?

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