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Stick or Move

It’s unpredictable what sticks and what moves. Most times, we won’t know. A quick word of encouragement or sharp jab of criticism have the ability to make or break a spirit.

We think our words and actions have little affect, thus we talk without thought, spew regardless the outcome. Everything we say and do has a ripple affect, unseen, unnoticed. Astronauts have what’s called the “Overview Affect,” the unique vantage of seeing our planet as a whole, one vessel in which we all play a part as the crew in its ongoing journey.

Viewing the world this way, one would think we could get along, accept alternative points of view, converse about opposite opinions – with a view, we are all in this together. We will find common ground. We must for our survival.

What do we say that will stick? What will move through time? Our vessel depends on our diligent efforts to make what we say and do count. Kindness, generosity, and love move soul to soul. Withhold these – we are lost forever

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