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The Innocent

“He has done nothing to hurt anyone.” Hearing those words about a pedophile and child molester made me want to throw up. I listened as…


Unfriend/unfollow. These could be the two most important functions I will learn to use more and more. I recently unfriended. The whining, the drama, the ranting, the negativity were so overwhelming. I thought I was required to read it, sympathize, offer, “You go girl. You’re strong. You’re a survivor!”

I realized, by reading their posts,

Stick or Move

It’s unpredictable what sticks and what moves. Most times, we won’t know. A quick word of encouragement or sharp jab of criticism have the ability to make or break a spirit.

We think our words and actions have little affect,

Ordinary People

Ding dong. Our doorbell rang and I heard my wife talking to the 8 year old neighbor girl who had stopped by to say hello. I was sitting on the couch nursing a bum hip from hoisting too many stones and rocks for landscaping. In consideration, my wife was gently telling her that we were busy and could not talk right now.

I quickly analyzed the situation;

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