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Unfriend/unfollow. These could be the two most important functions I will learn to use more and more. I recently unfriended. The whining, the drama, the ranting, the negativity were so overwhelming. I thought I was required to read it, sympathize, offer, “You go girl. You’re strong. You’re a survivor!”

I realized, by reading their posts, I was allowing their world into mine, giving them permission to affect my own attitude and outlook on life. I hated it! Their world view sucked and they didn’t want to change, they just wanted my attention!

I unfriended. And this week has been a breath of fresh air, nothing but the sounds of . . . Silence. No whining how hard they work. No drunken boyfriend dramas. No political rants. Just . . . Silence. I am choosing to fill my life with positive people, no drama, no falseness. Unfriend may become my new best friend.

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