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Posts published in “Why do I think the way I do”

The Pistol

The cold trigger curved around my finger….hammer cocked….a bullet anticipating a strike and thrust. The woods smelled of Fall, dry leaves crunched under my legs as I squatted down and leaned against a thick birch tree. I heard rustling sounds, imagining squirrels playfully darting back and forth, birds singing their last song of summer. In just another moment, it would all be silence. Read More (more ...)

Time To Grow Up!

I am having repeated experiences with behaviors and attitudes that make me shake my head! Whether it’s online posts, asking simple questions, driving our highways, I wonder; what does it mean today to be mature?

Age has proven not to be an indicator. This week, I have observed mature actions from a 6 and 8 year old and what I believe are immature behaviors from … Read More

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Your Real Enemy-Fear Avoidance

I work hard – I play hard – I enjoy life! I had a recent lanscaping project where I hauled bricks, lifted buckets of rocks and tooled around as if I were a youngster. My body said, “STOP! You are not that young and I’m going to show you why!” … Read More

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