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Posts published in “Why do I think the way I do”

The Innocent

“He has done nothing to hurt anyone.” Hearing those words about a pedophile and child molester made me want to throw up. I listened as…

The Pistol

The cold trigger curved around my finger….hammer cocked….a bullet anticipating a strike and thrust. The woods smelled of Fall, dry leaves crunched under my legs…


“Do you believe in original sin?” I asked. He thought for a moment and after decades of life and living replayed through his mind, he…

Time To Grow Up!

I am having repeated experiences with behaviors and attitudes that make me shake my head! Whether it’s online posts, asking simple questions, driving our highways, I wonder; what does it mean today to be mature?

Age has proven not to be an indicator. This week, I have observed mature actions from a 6 and 8 year old and what I believe are immature behaviors from

Your Real Enemy-Fear Avoidance

I work hard – I play hard – I enjoy life! I had a recent lanscaping project where I hauled bricks, lifted buckets of rocks and tooled around as if I were a youngster. My body said, “STOP! You are not that young and I’m going to show you why!”