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“Do you believe in original sin?” I asked. He thought for a moment and after decades of life and living replayed through his mind, he replied, “When babies are born, they have to be selfish to survive. When am I going to eat? How am I going to stay warm? Who is going to give me what I want?” As we mature, we come to know the world is not about us and exclusively designed around our self-interest wants and needs.

Original sin is never growing up – remaining a small, self-centered baby, unwilling to acknowledge there is a world other than ourselves. That is the original sin.”

However primeval life began, ocean bottom vents spewing a single cell organism or a divine, all-creative breath, life has always begun with, how are we going to survive? The revelation, recognizing a need in another, a desire to see someone else fulfilled and complete, momentarily suspending our convenience and ego, is the first step from the inescapable original sin of birth and faltering forward toward a whole and healthy contributor to the species.

Takers or Givers. Original sin or salvation from ourselves. This present world depends on our answer

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