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Your Real Enemy-Fear Avoidance

I work hard – I play hard – I enjoy life! I had a recent lanscaping project where I hauled bricks, lifted buckets of rocks and tooled around as if I were a youngster. My body said, “STOP! You are not that young and I’m going to show you why!” The next day my lower body locked up, tight as a drum, I could not move. Sciatica and the piriformis muscle refused to budge and I’ve been in extreme pain the last 3 weeks – no sleep, scrunched over, and miserable.

My chiropractor said, “I know it hurts, but fear avoidance is your enemy. You must move or it will get worse.”

Fear avoidance is our greatest enemy in life. We’re afraid to try something new for fear of looking foolish. We’re afraid to say, “I love you” for fear of what others will think. We’re afraid to be vulnerable, sharing our deepest thoughts and feelings for fear of rejection. I’m having dinner this week with a renowned author because I shared my experiences with him of reading his books. I feared looking like a star-struck fan, when in fact, I heartfully shared what his craft meant to me.

He answered with a personal message of gratitude and invitation to his home for dinner and to continue our conversation. My fear would have been opportunity lost!

It’s what we don’t attempt we regret, not what we actually do!

Look honestly at your real enemy in life, fear avoidance, and move forward with confidence!

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