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Posts published in “Sad”

One Step Toward the Beach

Everyone, at one time or another, will find themselves surrounded by an uncontrollable tide, pulling reluctant and tired legs toward yet another uncomfortable, unpredictable future. In these deeply disturbing times, sitting quiet and alone in my thoughts, I’ve internalized the question, “What the hell is going on with me? I don’t understand my thoughts and feelings, unable to explain them to myself, forget trying to describe them to anyone else.” Read More

Addiction Answered

Addiction is the brain battling for reward – continuously searching for reinforcement. We are evolutionary learning machines, craving memories of euphoria and satisfaction. The earlier we instill value and worth into each human being, from the first breath of a baby, through turbulent youth and pain of adulthood, the more likely Read More

Dear Mr. Helprin

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Dear Mr. Helprin

“I have read thousands of books and although have been satisfied, entertained, and taught by the majority of them, I have never been compelled to write to the author.”

In Sunlight and in Shadow not only compels me, but created an imperative that you know what your craft and gift has evoked. Read More

I Am Enough

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I am Enough

“What about you, as a person in your past, do you like better than yourself today?”

My wife asked that question as we had breakfast overlooking Elliott Bay in Seattle. Read More