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One Step Toward the Beach

Everyone, at one time or another, will find themselves surrounded by an uncontrollable tide, pulling reluctant and tired legs toward yet another uncomfortable, unpredictable future. In these deeply disturbing times, sitting quiet and alone in my thoughts, I’ve internalized the question, “What the hell is going on with me? I don’t understand my thoughts and feelings, unable to explain them to myself, forget trying to describe them to anyone else.”

Most antagonizing is the barrage of opinions and labels from the concerned, the justified, or the agenda of those closest to me. Unable to dissect the source of the powerful undertow entanglement – my youth, innocence or inexperience failing to provide guidance or comfort – I needed an outside pair of eyes, an outside voice to offer an alternative to my condition, a small beam of hope to disengage the tentacles, allowing one step toward authenticity.

These are words that need to be in the brain of every person who is wondering, “What is this life I find myself in?”

1). You are in chaotic TIMES. You are in extreme CIRCUMSTANCES. In the midst of all that is happening outside you – YOU are okay. YOU have Value and Worth.

2). Your OPINIONS, THOUGHTS, and FEELINGS are REAL and WORTHY of respect, acknowledgement, and consideration.

3). It is okay to say NO. It is okay to say “Not Today.” It is okay that not everyone will be happy with your decisions. YOU will always have VALUE and WORTH.

4). You do not have to accept the labels of OTHERS as true for your own life. You have the right to live a TRUE and AUTHENTIC life apart from the opinions and beliefs of others.

5). YOU have VALUE and WORTH.

While reading this, someone came to mind that needs to hear these words, implanted in their conscience – words that may serve to uplift, guide, and support their struggle.

Share and encourage with these words.

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