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Reject False Guilt

FALSE GUILT is the universal control of man over man. Liberated from this prison, one can explore and understand true relationships. False guilt produces false relationships with our planet, our fellow humans and even God! The false notion that gods made the sun and moon disappear rather than accept a planetary eclipse, formulates false fears and false dread of weather. The false guilt of an original sin sending me to a conjured hell, a theology constructed 300 years ago by Augustine, does not have to control what could be a true relationship to one’s God today.

Labeling someone as diseased (bi-polar, alcoholic, OCD, etc) may be a simplistic answer, offering “relief” through a pill to chill or a process to practice. The relief may be false as it may be masking a true source, thus you are unable to wrestle and struggle toward a true solution to a true circumstance. Opioids mask a true condition (which is why the 12 step process does not work for opioid addiction). Opioid addiction is not a moral problem, but a true physical ailment.

LABELING produces false guilt and is infinitely easier than exploring and DISCOVERING a true source of a difficult circumstance. When we label others, we control. False guilt. Simple solution, except it’s NOT true.

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