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A New Perspective

Man existed long before the creation of religion, the uncovering of psychology, physics and all the myriad of sciences and studies we take for granted today. As a result, we believe that our systems of understanding who we are and our place in the world has been a long established truth, when in fact, humanity is but the tiniest of specs in the history of the cosmos. Read More

Reject False Guilt

FALSE GUILT is the universal control of man over man. Liberated from this prison, one can explore and understand true relationships. False guilt produces false relationships with our planet, our fellow humans and even God! The false notion that gods made the sun and moon disappear rather than accept a planetary eclipse, formulates false fears and false dread of weather. Read More

The Innocent

He has done nothing to hurt anyone." Hearing those words about a pedophile and child molester made me want to throw up. I listened as the parents sobbed in grief and tragedy about their son's depraved desires even as I struggled with a competing thought, "How could any parent, any adult for that matter, even the mother of this adult son say, "he has done nothing to hurt anyone? Read More