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Posts published in “Stories”

Your DNA

Race, religion, country of birth, family name or coat of arms are all negated by – DNA. We are, everyone, the same DNA. We are human species born to this specific time and place – connected every other person who has ever lived on this planetary ship. DNA is the great equalizer. Read More

Just Play, Please!

Listening to the Packers game on the radio last Sunday, the announcer exclaimed, “What a great hit! And no flag!” Second announcer replied, “Imagine that.”

I grew up loving the passion and exuberance of an NFL game. Today, I twitch. I twitch with either dread or relief. Read More

Write Your Obit-Today!

I wrote my obit today. Strange thing to do on a beautiful, sunny day, maintaining good health, good friends, a loving wife and family. I wrote my obit to find out what I had to say about my life heading into my 6th decade. The easy stuff was the resume covering a career in broadcasting, teaching, and not-for-profit work. What I wanted to discover was if my values, what I had learned, translated into an actionable presence here and now. Read More