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Your DNA

Race, religion, country of birth, family name or coat of arms are all negated by – DNA. We are, everyone, the same DNA. We are human species born to this specific time and place – connected every other person who has ever lived on this planetary ship. DNA is the great equalizer.

23 chromosomes, 20,000 genes, 3 billion letters of genetic code….to create a unique you, related to every other you. Together, we migrated through the genetics of Charlemagne, Eric the Great, Paul of Tarsus, Leonardo DiVinci, and back hundreds of thousands of years. Every one of us shares an ancestor who, in the words of Joseph Chang, sowed rice on the banks of the Yangtze or who labored to build the pyramids or even had sex with Neanderthals or Denisovan people, and in doing so brought them with us for as long as humans will endure.

Kindness, generosity and love move soul to soul, human to human. Only what we withhold is lost forever.

What will your DNA pass forward through time and eternity?

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