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Toss The Box

“I think about it everyday. I’m told I am not a good father. I married a person who is not in love with me. I have all these unopened boxes from my previous life that I move and drag around everywhere I go.”

I know him to be a great dad and even better human being. He was carrying boxes of suffocating guilt placed in his boat without his permission. They weighed on his heart and mind.

Looking him in the eye I said, “You have permission to take one physical unopened box and toss it overboard, never to return, never to drag you down again. No rope attached to pull it back, it’s gone forever. And, you have permission to take one emotional box, the one filled with undeserved guilt, and with a mighty heave, toss it overboard, never to return, never to drag you down again. Hold to what is true – you have value and worth. Fill the freshly vacated space with love and joy.”

It’s a new year . . . A great time to lighten the loads that are slowing our progress, taking up physical space in our closets and basements. More important, a great time to toss out those toxic, emotional boxes, placed in our boat without our permission, impeding our daily opportunities for love and peace.

Toss the box. You have permission.

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