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The Real Deal

Nothing tires you out more than grandkids 1/10th your age with 10x your energy. After a week of being “grandpa” I reflect back to ensure I fulfilled my job to re-enforce they are loved and valued without conditions. My grandpa was 80 when I was born and for the next 10 years we laughed at our antics, rode tractors on the farm, played hours of games, walked through the county fair . . . memories that carry me today.

Last week we belly laughed playing UNO, rode the John Deere (mower), survived the Tornado at a waterpark (almost lost grandma!) and told them every day, “Thank you for being here. I love being with you.”

They shyly returned my hugs. I walked out the door, suitcase in hand, returned to work. I hope I did my job . . . memories of one who loves and values them unconditionally carrying them into an unknown future.

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