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Never Ask For Forgiveness Again. Part III

Asking for forgiveness places the burden of a future relationship on them when it wasn’t their issue to begin with! Forgiveness is a gift. It cannot be forced or expected. The gift of forgiveness is given from a sense of graciousness – giving something that is not deserved for the desire of a relationship in the future.

Forgiveness is releasing another person from any debt or penalty. The beauty of forgiveness is the release of payment or vengeance, simultaneously frees the forgiving party as well. Without forgiveness there is a count maintained, an unpaid debt on the books. It shadows and hinders a healthy, free interaction. Both parties are acutely aware of the debt and causes embarrassment and discomfort.

The gift of forgiveness is the ultimate gift to yourself. The release creates freedom to love, laugh, and enjoy life as an individual and together. It is not an obligation or demand. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

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