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Media Kit

The Media Kit is being compiled and will be available in the next couple of weeks.


Some Background Information:

Stephen is an author, teacher, and thought leader in human Value and Worth. He is the author of Thinking Out Loud – Uncovering An Extraordinary Life, Uncommon Sense for Unreasonable Times, Cultivating a Winner from Within, and a Divorced Parent’s Guide to Seeing Your Kids.

Stephen has traveled the world teaching Executive Leadership and Value skills on three continents to such companies as General Motors, Trek Bicycles Worldwide, FBI, U.S. Navel Academy, New Scotland Yard, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and hundreds more.

Walrath is the Past President of Crime Stoppers International with responsibilities for over 1200 programs in 17 countries. He was the President of Great Radio Broadcasting, transforming a single AM radio station into 8 enterprises doing business in 3 countries, earning him the YMCA’s of America Key Leader Award.

Stephen is married with three grown children and lives in southern Wisconsin. He and his wife, Gabriella, are proud shareholders of the Green Bay Packers.

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