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Dear Grandchild – Ask The Question

One of the greatest journeys any human can take is to ask a single question.  Most people do not ask this question as it involves thinking about things they would rather not.  Or it would be too much trouble or effort to go about uncovering the answer to this one question.  And yet, without the struggle, not necessarily finding the ultimate answer, but the striving to understand the question and its effects, one will always be at the mercy of its power and influence.  Without this journey, one’s relationships, marriage, friendships, work history, even the ability to be content with life itself, will always be assailed by the unseen forces this question brings to light.

Why do I think the way I do?

This is not a natural journey.  It requires shining a light into dark passages and tunnels of our thoughts, desires, ambitions and influences.  It’s a painful journey, yet successful people move forward in discomfort while most choose to remain safe and calm in their unawareness, ignorance being the highest form of bliss.  Because it’s not a natural journey, it will require the assistance of some outside voices, clues from a perspective different from our own.  Right now, you are bound by the unconscious influences created through your parents, your environment and some deep, deep seeded collective elements that have traveled through humans since the beginning of time.

The journey is to unravel those unconscious influences by examining what you think and feel today, self-observing the results.  Are you happy with yourself?  Are you content in your own thoughts?  Are your relationships based on trust and transparency?

As is true for all humans, our early lives are based on what others think of us.  Are we approved of by what we say and do in the eyes of others?  And we believe this to be true and real, after all, it’s all we have to go on.  Maturity is taking that journey inward and finding our true identity, not based on outside forces, but on the discovery of who we are in our own values, in our own truth of self-worth and self-value, no matter what others may say or think.  

I wish you courage as, in the imagination of Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”, you answer “The Call” and press onward through “Your Journey” until you “Return Home” to who you really are!

I love you Grandchild, and always remember…you are never alone.

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