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Are you really GUILTY?

Examine your labels. “Words are the freezing of reality”, said Harvard psycholinguistics professor, Timothy Leary. Labels can entrap you into a false reality, someone else’s history, a false representation of your true life.

I discovered that the label “guilty” was placed upon me. . . A label not of my choosing.I learned how and why it was set upon my shoulders, became aware of its affects on my thoughts and actions, the fruits of its presence, and determined the future it will not hold in my life and in those I love.

I have learned, living an authentic life means each label placed upon your existence should be examined, retraced, its origins unearthed along with its original purpose, and thoughtfully determine its application today, releasing actions for generations to follow.

What labels have become your reality? What labels need to be set aside, new realities set forth for the future?

Aware – Acknowledge – Move

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